Know Your Clients, Serve Your Clients. 4 Ideas

February 2018 Newsletter

Make 2018 the year you connect with clients on their largest concern: retirement health care. There are a number of basic building blocks that provide a comprehensive financial plan for clients. Preparing for retirement health care begins with building a health care cost estimate into one’s financial plan and preparing for the impact on retirement income. Going a bit deeper, take a look at your clientele and explore ways to implement creative and effective wealth accumulation ideas targeted to deal with retirement health care issues. Start with these four areas.

1. Who is utilizing a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Approximately 25% of U.S. households have a qualified high deductible health insurance plan with an HSA.

  • Educate clients on the benefits of investing an HSA for retirement.
  • Manage (and be compensated on) your clients’ HSA assets.
  • Provide business owners an HSA that mirrors the investment choices available in their 401(k).

2. Who is receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits and is enrolled in Medicare?

  • Many clients are wondering why their Social Security benefit remained flat despite the expected 2% COLA. Explain the impact of Medicare Parts B and D on Social Security.
  • New tax brackets for Medicare enrollees have pushed higher income individuals into higher brackets.

3. Who will retire this year and enroll in Medicare?

  • Clients who experience a drop in income due to retirement need to let Medicare know not to calculate Medicare premiums on 2016 income levels. Form SSA-44 can help!

4. Who will provide custodial care?

  • Do you know your clients’ oldest daughter or the daughter that lives close by? Help your clients understand the non-financial, life changing chaos they will impart on their children if they don’t plan ahead for custodial care needs.

My WealthWatch resource center and training will equip you to connect with your clients on all of the financial planning issues tied to retirement health care. Email me for more information or explore and enroll by clicking:


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The information in this presentation is provided as a general overview. It is derived from the Internal Revenue Code, and other government publications, all subject matter sources reasonably believed to be reliable.  Tax law and the laws governing Medicare/Medicaid are complex and subject to change.  Clients should consult with their attorney and/or qualified tax advisor when making decisions regarding these matters.