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“At WealthWatch I provide a clear explanation of the financial planning issues surrounding retirement health care, giving both financial advisors and their clients the knowledge and peace of mind they seek.”

— Peter Stahl Certified Financial Planner™
Founder of Bedrock Business Results and the WealthWatch Resource Center.

Client Consultations

1. Overview

Receive a clear, objective explanation of Medicare coverage including how to use various parts to build optimal health care coverage.

  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
  • Part D
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
2. Timing

Time your Medicare enrollment wisely by understanding how Medicare coordinates with employer health insurance coverage. Understand key enrollment dates.

3. Costs

Build a realistic cost estimate into your financial plan and understand how Health Savings Accounts, Roth IRAs, and tax efficient investments can lower retirement health care expenditures. Understand how your financial advisor can address custodial care.

Schedule a phone consultation and we will reply with dates, pricing, and a pre-call questionnaire.

“Peter did a wonderful job educating my clients on their options and helping them choose the best fit without having to spend countless hours researching everything on their own.  My clients were completely satisfied with Peter’s advice, and I will definitely recommend him to future clients.”

UBS advisor; Indianapolis, IN

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Retirement Health Care and Financial Planning

Accumulating Wealth with Health Savings Accounts

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